Our Favorite Apps and Websites

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robots 

(App Store)

          >Go                        >Blockly

          >Wonder              >Path


Sphero Edu

(& App Store)

Coding projects for Sphero Minis: Students can have own accounts on Chromebooks (Free!)

Sphero Play

(App Store)

Fun app to explore Sphero Mini (Free!)

HP Reveal

(App Store)

Create own augmented reality cards 

Use with Ipads (Free!)


Create code! (Free!)

"HeyworthLeap" has our projects

Hour of Code

Learn how to code in an engaging way! Print individual cards for each student to log into their own accounts they can access from anywhere. (Free!)


(App Store)

Design your own video games using the Bloxels app and the Bloxels Builder Board (Free!)

Merge Things

(App Store)

Introductory app to Merge Cubes (Free!)


Website for 3D design. (Free!)

Apple Clips

(App Store)

A fun, easy app to make movies, commercials, book talks,            promotional clips, etc.  

Stickbot Studio

(App Store)

Create stop-motion videos using stickbots!

Stop-Motion Studio Pro

(App Store)

Create stop-motion animated movies.

Create augmented reality projects. Students can work on them on their Chromebooks, but they need to be viewed on an iPad or apple/android device.  

The QuiverVision app includes printable coloring pages and masks that can be 'brought to life' through augmented reality.

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." 

-John Dewey